Hi, I’m David Blayney.

I am a journalism and economics student from Perth, Western Australia.

Here’s some of my work…

The Real World

Inside the European Parliament in Strasbourg

By  •  2 months ago

It’s Wednesday the 5th of April, a big day in the calendars of many European politicians. The European Parliament will today outline its position on the union’s upcoming negotiations with …
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News reporting

Western Independent: Foreign home-owners ordered to sell up

By  •  9 months ago

The Federal Government has ordered foreign nationals to sell another 16 illegally purchased residential properties across the country.

It brings the total number of properties ordered to be sold as …
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The 2016 Obligatory List – Best films of the year

By  •  6 months ago

If you didn’t step foot into a cinema this year, you really missed out.

Yes, it may have been cheaper, more convenient and slightly less irritating to watch 10 Cloverfield …
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